Eastern Medicine, or Traditional Chinese Medicine as it is also known, has been slowly developed and practiced over thousands of years. Rooted in tradition, this form of medicine views our bodies on a broad level, analyzing how our interactions between our environment and our physical, emotional and psychological selves impact our health.

Common elements of Eastern Medicine, as they relate to our health, include acupuncture, qigong and natural, herbal remedies.

On the other hand, the foundation of Western Science, which includes Neuroscience, is the scientific method itself - an observation that forms a hypothesis, which may become a theory if it is able to withstand additional scrutiny and scientific testing. This theory then helps us form a better understanding of our world and our bodies. Whereas Eastern Medicine takes a broader, more holistic approach to our bodies, Western Science relies on data and hard evidence to take a more focused view on a specific health problem and/or source of disease.

Common elements of Western Science, as they relate to our health, include prescription drugs, surgery, physiotherapy and over-the-counter medication.

East vs. West...

Green, natural ingredients are pictured in a lab alongside a microscope.

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REVIVE Brain Supplement combines traditional eastern medicine and proven western neuroscience science, giving you the best that both offer your brain. REVIVE contains eastern and western ingredients - natural Vitamin E, Korean Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Selenium - that are clinically proven to repair and protect your brain from damage, inflammation and remove toxin buildup.

Designed as a safe, effective and holistic way to support your brain’s natural resilience to free radical attack, REVIVE boosts your learning, memory and focus so you continue to stay active, engaged and always at your best.

From the fields, out of the lab and into your hands. Take control of your brain health with REVIVE Brain Supplement - For A Healthy, Active Mind.

At a first glance it may seem as though Eastern Medicine and Western Neuroscience offer two opposing views of what it takes to keep our bodies and our brains healthy. One takes a very broad view of how the interactions between various factors (environment, psychology, emotions, physicality) affect our body and health. The other seeks to specifically target the underlying causes of poor health and disease.

However, it is important to remember that although each may have a different view of how what it means to be healthy, both ultimately seek the same goal of having us achieve and maintain optimal health.

The same is true when it comes to our brains. Both practices seek to ensure we can achieve and maintain optimal brain health and both have much to offer our brain health as a result. However, it can sometimes be hard to see this in a marketplace jam packed with so many different products that seemingly highlight the benefits of one practice, while simultaneously omitting or even questioning the other.

A man pulls a traditional chinese herb out of a wooden box.
A woman doctor holds up a vial of medicine in a lab.
Gotu Kola leaves.
Korean Ginseng root.

Prevention and treatment are both important aspects in supporting healthy brain function. So why then should Eastern Medicine and Western Neuroscience still be viewed as mutually exclusive from one another, in helping us achieve and maintain a healthy active mind?

Part of the reason for this is the different approaches themselves that each practice takes in addressing brain health (and health in general). Generally, Eastern Medicine focuses more on addressing the holistic causes of poor brain health that may result in specific ailments by taking a more preventative approach, and does so based on centuries of traditional use which, over time, began to show some degrees of effectiveness. Western Neuroscience, on the other hand, focuses more on a specific ailment and associated symptoms, in an effort to then treat or cure them, and does so on the basis of theories backed by proven scientific evidence and testing.

Prevention and treatment are both important aspects in supporting healthy brain function. So why then should Eastern Medicine and Western Neuroscience still be viewed as mutually exclusive from one another, if both approaches can be beneficial for our brain health?

East Meets West!

In fact, traditional eastern ingredients such as Ginseng and Gotu Kola (centella asiatica) are increasingly being shown to have positive benefits for our brain health and cognitive function, based on the same scrutiny and scientific rigour that comprises the backbone of Western Neuroscience.

This is a great example of what utilizing elements from both Eastern Medicine and Western Neuroscience can achieve, and further developments are being made to combine the two in order to unlock even more of the potential benefits each can offer us and our brain health...

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