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for a

Healthy, Active Mind


A coloured drawing of a Panax Ginseng flower, leaves and root. Ginseng can improve memory and sleep quality.

keep your brain healthy & fit for longer

TAKE CONTROL of your brain health

REVIVE Brain Supplement boosts your learning, memory and focus, so you continue to stay active, engaged and always at your best. Take control of your brain health and experience real results with REVIVE.

For A Healthy, Active Mind

A coloured drawing of Gotu Kola leaves. Gotu Kola can improve cognitive performance.

A CORNERSTONE of mental strength

Revitalize yourself with a more restful sleep and natural mental energy that lasts your entire day. REVIVE is a safe and effective way to reduce your mental fatigue and promote clear thinking by supporting your brain's natural ability to repair and protect itself from damage and inflammation.

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Safe & Effective


REVIVE combines traditional eastern medicine and proven western science, giving you the best that both offer your brain. From the fields, out of the lab and into your hands, REVIVE's unique "east-meets-west" formula provides your brain with effective and holistic support that you can always count on.

eastern medicine

meets western research

discover ‍‍ REVIVE's ingredients

rooted in tradition

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Centella Asiatica(G‍‍‍otu Kola)


Panax Ginseng‍‍‍

Vitamin E(Alpha-Tocopherol)

A bottle of REVIVE™ Brain Supplement is pictured along with coloured drawings of gotu kola and panax ginseng. Ginseng can improve memory and sleep quality. Gotu Kola can improve cognitive performance.

"Senescence developed REVIVE supplements to help curb cognitive decline due to ageing. REVIVE was built upon findings from research conducted by Dr Watson and his team, including a published paper on reversing long-term memory impairment."


"REVIVE is a daily supplement formulated by neuroscientists to combat age-related cognitive decline and strengthen learning, memory and focus."


"Supported by evident scientific research, this daily supplement is specially formulated to strengthen and protect learning, memory and focus abilities that can combat age-related cognitive decline."


"'I've noticed a big difference at work." - Mark, 57, Singapore

"'I have more energy than I've had in years." - Dianne, 56, Canada

"'My memory is better and I don't forget things as easily." - Mr. Yeo, 74, Singapore

Senescence Life Sciences, creators of REVIVE Brain Supplement, were featured in episode 5 "What The Future Holds" of the documentary series "Facing Dementia".


A coloured drawing of Gotu Kola leaves.

Memories are meant to last a lifetime and you were meant to spend a lifetime creating them. REVIVE keeps you in control of your brain health by promoting a healthy, active mind at all adult stages of life. Look back with clarity and confidently take your next step forward with REVIVE.

take the lead

step forward with REVIVE

because your journey

never ends

where do ‍‍‍you

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3 Months (3 bottles) @ $145.00 SGD


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